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14 yr old dating 17 yr old

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Where I work at Costco, the median age range is 18-30, and I swear all but maybe 3 girls there are pregnant or have a kid, heck theres one girl who just turned 21 and has TWO kids! I'm not sure if I just live in a bad city or that "normal" for people my age.

I made it quite clear to her that if we're gonna date I'm not having sex with her till shes 18 and if she likes me as much as she thinks shes does she'll wait, so far shes agreed to it.

(b) If the person accused of statutory rape is under eighteen (18) years of age, such a defendant shall be tried as a juvenile and shall not be transferred for trial as an adult. As you have been told, there are no laws regarding DATING. There are other charges of a lesser nature he could face if the sexual contact is not strictly "sex". Why do you think that a boy who is almost an adult would be interested in a little girl? Or rather, why girls his age want nothing to do with him. She did it cause she did not want him to go to jail. She understands me and i understand her and thats all that matters......

2.) If you couldn't do it in the front row of the church on Christmas morning with both sets of parents sitting in the pew behind, you can't do it. 14 is below the age of consent - sexual contact (which is not limited to sexual intercourse) is off the menu entirely. The state, and particularly not Florida which is VERY strict about such things, are NOT going to force your parents to let you do anything they do not want you to do. Your parents, his parents, teachers, doctors, parents, people on internet boards, passers-by, passengers in low-flying aircraft.... He could still do jail time and have a child molestation conviction on his record for life because you want to get laid. His birthday is on January 11, 1994 and mine is on August 12, 1997. You cannot do anything that they do not give you permission to do EVEN IF IT IS LEGAL. Anyone who finds your being together inappropriate can report it, and the law will react the same way. Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around. Animals bring love to our hearts and warmth to our souls. law is that it ONLY allows for removal from the sex offender's list. If you care about this guy AT ALL you will leave him alone, stay away from him and grow up (like wait until you're 16 to even DATE), before you date anyone, much less have sex with them. And the guy i am like totally in love w/ is 17 years of age. We want to date each other so so bad but we wanna make sure it is legal. If you really love this guy and i dont think that is what it is. she was the first one i talked to when i realoized my felings were this grat for him. Romantic relationships usually involve intimate contact of some sort, even if it IS just kissing and hugging (even just laying his hand on your leg). well i have to go find out supposobly what "troubling issues" i have so all you haters out their have a nice day........ well i wish you two the best of luck Ok im sorry to all of the older women that read this but it IS POSSIBLE for a 13 yr old and a 17 yr old to be in love and i see nothing wrong with it.........I mean, I have loved that boy ever since i was 11 and he was 15. Aside from the legal aspects, I don't think that's very appropriate. And he feels the same for you, then you need to wait till you turn 18 to start dating. well we both think it is neter like this uintil we get information about the dating laws. but my heart literally broke when we stated we were over jus cuz of some stupid number! He can still get into trouble for having physical contact with a minor. To say that he doesn't want those things from you is just plain silly. Oh and to the girl with a 17 yr old boyfriend......... I am 17 yrs old and I date a 13 yr old girl and im madly in love with this girl.....Age of consent in TN is 18, meaning that even he cannot legally consent to sex in TN. I will look up the exact laws later, but I'm fairly sure he could get into some trouble. My step daughter got involved at the age of 16 with a guy that was older. That is what most guys that prey on younger girls do. For whatever reasons, he can't seem to land a WOMAN his own age (which ought to tell you something - women his age are much smarter, experienced, and have better judgment than children your age - so if THEY don't find him attractive then there has got to be something you're just not experienced or perceptive enough to pick up on). guess what if u would have dated someone 10 or 12 years older than u when u were 13 guess what......... but 4 years is not that big of a deal.....................