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The two main types of presbyopia-correcting IOLs are multifocal IOLs and accommodating IOLs.

These premium lens implants may offer significant advantages over conventional monofocal IOLs by providing an expanded focal range that enables clear vision at multiple distances for people with presbyopia.

(CTCA), we use sophisticated diagnostic technology to pinpoint and evaluate tumors, and develop a personalized treatment plan.

Our diagnostic team includes physicians across many medical specialties, including radiologists, pathologists and geneticists.

They have expertise in using advanced, minimally invasive diagnostic tests and procedures to diagnose the disease.

A thorough and accurate cancer diagnosis is the first step in developing an individualized cancer treatment plan.

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But aren't presbyopia-correcting IOLs a lot more expensive? Presbyopia-correcting IOLs are more expensive because they cost more for companies to develop and produce, and because extra surgeon skill is required for a procedure that includes the use of these lenses.

As no blacks could vote in Louisiana before 1867, the year in which the Reconstruction Act ordered universal male suffrage, the grandfather clause excluded blacks in an inexplicit manner, thus, in theory, avoiding the ire of the Supreme Court and Northern Congressmen.

Additionally, the enactment of the grandfather clause avoided national scrutiny because the national media was preoccupied with the coinciding outbreak of the Spanish-American War.

North Carolina was next to establish the grandfather clause in 1900.

Although the North Carolina clause eventually passed, it had to surmount serious opposition from blacks and Republicans wary of aggravating the federal government.