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From 1997 to 2016, the MW awards were known as The Best of the Web, reflecting a time when “web” was synonymous with “innovation.” To respond to the rapid evolution of the technology landscape and our visitors’ expectations, Bo W was renamed at MW’s 20th anniversary conference to showcase the best work we do to engage, inform and excite people both on the Web and across the myriad networked platforms and contexts innovative cultural practices take us.
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At age 18, she had moved to Toronto, but in 1994 she made a much bigger move—to Los Angeles.

There, she began a search for a team of producers and collaborators to help her make a comeback from her commercially disappointing second album.

She cried and so did I - I had recently gone through a divorce that left me feeling much as she felt in this song. My mom and sister both listened to Little Jagged Pill, and at the time I didn't get the lines "Would she go down on you in a theater" and "Are you thinking of me when you f--k her." I get those lines now that i'm older and know more than I did then.

What sort of sh*t parents would allow their 16 year old daughter to "go out with" a 31 year old man?

In 1987, she used the money she had earned to self-release her first track, "Fate Stay With Me." Despite her young age, Morissette's music touched on themes of loneliness and heartache.

No pop singer had ever laid bare the anger and pain of a relationship gone bad quite so explicitly.

"You Oughta Know" clearly touched a nerve and led audiences into the complex, intricate songcraft of the phenomenally successful [b] Jagged Little Pill [b] album."Morissette performed a slow version of this at the 1996 Grammys.

She captioned the image, which sees her little one wearing chakra glasses while feeding: ‘family on tour ;) europe 2012 #worldbreastfeedingweek #isupportyou @msjamielynne #everlovedhischakraglasses @jaygordonmdfaap’In 2012 she tackled the debate on attachment parenting during an interview with Good Morning America, addressing the effect of the recent Time magazine cover, and the stages of 'appropriate' childhood development. All I knew was that I wrote a record that I loved and represented me well. She even made sure to mention famed American songwriter Glen Ballard, who produced the album: 'I found this when I met glen ballard…who supported me in being ME.

On Instagram the Canadian reflected even more on the iconic image adding: 'I had just moved to LA.