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Collected and analyzed during my time at the school and in retrospect, data included artifacts of practice, an inquiry journal, formal and informal interviews, and analytic memos.^ By putting forth conceptions of ELL students and school-based staff as generators of knowledge and situating local knowledge of practice within wider contexts, this study illuminates the importance of locating difference within discourses of possibility.

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I was gone for about a month and we texted for a bit, but I just didn’t really miss her. I’ve been on a few dates with a girl this past week that has potential to be a girlfriend, but just taking things day-by-day and seeing where it goes.We actually met online a year ago but never in person because I was traveling, became Facebook friends and lost touch. I’m one of those people that looks for signs of why people should be together, maybe this is it.

If this were a romcom, Marcus and Ally would end up together.

premiered last night, and — like any reality TV worth watching — it was both horrifying and delightful.

This show profiles two eligible bachelors a week, following them through the good, the bad, and the sexy of meeting potentially murder-y strangers from the Internet. Marcus, 36 (thefitartist) Marcus has gone through a divorce, and now he’s ready to find lasting love.

Brian, 33 (Brian_Dreams) Brian is a real estate agent and artist who loves art and and has he mentioned art, because art is his passion? His opinion of himself could not be higher, and his primary mode of flirtation is essentially incoherent rudeness.

I’m genuinely unclear on whether that’s because he’s a fundamentally mean person, a fundamentally stupid person, or both.