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And you go, I don’t want to do this anymore with this clique, so I’m out. But like, I’m really good friends with Ron White, and the blue collar guys were never accepted by any other comics or cool kids. It’s a completely different thing than Lew or I would go after, but we kind created our own little forrest too. It’s a reminder that there are lot of people unimpressed with whatever’s cool in LA or New York. Because the cool kid club, it changes about once every three years. So I really hope if you’re in the cool kids club, you enjoy your time in it, because it will not last. And I think there’s a tendency on the coasts to think that people always on the road aren’t doing stuff that’s as smart of clever as the city stuff. A lot of it is disgruntled city comics, sitting in crappy clubs, saying that the road isn’t worth it and the road is stupid because they didn’t do well on the road. [Laughs] I’ve seen a lot of comics [and thought], “You’re really smart, but it wasn’t funny.” I mean, people paid. People paid, and the agreement was, I’m gonna make you laugh.

The staying power is in having real people, not show business people, like what you do. I think they always think that if you’re popular, you must be hacky. So then you go back to the city and you can tell your inside, pseudo-intellectual jokes to the six people, and they’re cool if they laugh.

We have no interest in showing up for the things where all the cool people are gonna be.

But neither he nor I have any interest in going to a Hollywood party.

And that’s why I don’t understand what the younger comics – who’s gonna be playing the Mirage 20 years from now?

Every once and awhile you can say, “Not a great crowd.” But you still have to do it. It’s just unbelievable to me that people keep blaming the crowd or this or that.

I'm making all my friends get on a plane, rent a car and drive three hours into the Ozark Mountains. I've met Kathleen at some different shows over the years and was lucky enough to get a chance to talk with her for about 20 minutes, and she confirmed that when she was in her late 20s and Lewis in his early 40s they dated for a while and remain good friends. I've met Kathleen at some different shows over the years and was lucky enough to get a chance to talk with her for about 20 minutes, and she confirmed that when she was in her late 20s and Lewis in his early 40s they dated for a while and remain good friends. When I dialed Kathleen Madigan's number a few Tuesdays back, I could barely keep my phone steady. She's made numerous appearances on all the late-night talk shows. I couldn't concede to failure on my first interview that wasn't with my friends about their bands. I use a lot of the younger comics as my opening acts and then they tell me what's going on, so I know what's going on, for the most part. Thursday night, Madigan, 49, will test Long Islanders' sense of humor when she comes to The Paramount in Huntington. Lew is a more hopeful person than I am, which offsets my cynicism. I tell him, "You grew up in an era where there was hope. We're not coming from the same place." He has so much hope for Obama and he when feels like Obama isn't living up to it, I say, "Lew, he's not a wizard. The troops are just so happy you came and remembered they were there. I told Lew, "I think we've flown to the Bible." You came from a big Irish Catholic family. Yeah, there was, but we didn't realize that until my sister dated a German guy. When there are seven kids, nobody is truly paying attention to anything. Did going to Catholic school help keep you in check? You worked as a journalist as you came up the comedy ranks. I'd even help other comics who couldn't put a full sentence together. Joan Rivers was 81, but she wasn't sick and had done a show the night before. Being the middle child in an Irish Catholic family of seven from Missouri, she is determined to be heard. You think there's a wizard but, there is no wizard. But my God, Afghanistan makes Tijuana look like Manhattan. He didn't have our sense of humor and he thought we were being mean. " It took for the antithesis of funny to enter the house for me to realize we had a sense of humor. You did two seasons on "Last Comic Standing." What kind of impact did that have on your career? The whole reality thing is crazy because whatever you give them, they can twist any way they want. Robin Williams had a lot of demons, but he had put himself in rehab earlier this year. It makes you go, "Nothing sucks too bad because I'm still here." Do you see yourself going into movies or TV? Do you think you’ve influenced each other’s standup? It’s funny, because in comedy, I think of there being all these little groups and cliques in different cities and scenes, and you two seem to be in a little comedy bubble of your own. The systems never really work out for us, and even when you tried to play to nice, they’re just jackasses. I’m doing the Mirage next weekend in Las Vegas, and you look at the list of the Mirage headliners, and it’s the people that aren’t in the cool kid club. And he’s on Comedy Central and he’s got a fanbase, but he’s kind of an outsider too. He doesn’t do the thing, run around and be part of the scene. I don’t know what the words are, but it’s definitely not positive. I’ve seen it a million times, and I’m like, “You’re just gonna use this stage as your basement?