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Background checks in the UK have become increasingly popular over recent years.

This is because more and more companies and individuals have realised how valuable the insights that come from these checks are.

At the moment, there is no demand for background checks on UK dating sites.

There haven’t been many heavily-publicised cases of online dating foul play here and the UK market is still going strong, so there is not yet a need for companies to create a demand for such a service to make themselves stand out.

For example, a school might wish to run a background check on a new employee to check they do not have a criminal record, i.e. Landlords may also wish to vet prospective tenants to see if they have a history of trouble or non-payment of rent.

Some families will even employ a background check or background search in the UK service to ensure their daughter’s new boyfriend is respectable and trustworthy.

If you have suspicions or even if you just want to be sure about who you could soon to be involved with, there are affordable options for personal investigations, identity authentication, background checks and credit checks.

- An established and well respected international association of professional private investigators.

You can also be assured that our background check is one of the most comprehensive in the industry.

I think much of the fear-mongering in the US at the moment has more to do with online dating companies needing to draw more customers than with any actual security concerns.

I don’t know what personal information companies can get about people in the US, but in the UK it’s a joke.

She has a new book coming out, and a blog at “Everyone’s Guide to Online Dating.” She writes: With all the current craziness surrounding online dating background checks, I asked Adam if I could offer my 2P’s worth and give a view of things as they are in the UK at the moment.

I need to point out that the views expressed below are my own and do not represent the company I work for in any way.