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In the Qing view, Tibet was a piece of China yet in the meantime it was something other than what’s expected; the monasteries and the Dalai Lamas were permitted to keep up authority over most internal issues.

In 1912, as the Qing empire collapsed and China attempted to beat the dominion of imperialist foreign powers, Tibet gained importance for new reasons of patriotism.

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During the Christmas special which shows the sensates celebrating their shared birthday, the candles on a birthday cake reveal their age to be 28.Capheus owns his bus matatu business with his best friend Jela.Their business is failing, however, in competition with another matatu.The "August 8 cluster" are the main heroes of the series.Angelica Turing "gave birth" to this cluster shortly before her suicide. Throughout the first season, the sensates' new powers confuse them, as they frequently visit each other with no control via their newfound psychic link.“While the current study focused on the impact of adverse parenting practices on psychological distress, it is possible that positive family relationships and good parenting practices may act as a protective factor against psychopathology following the loss of a parent,” said Nickerson. Good is not intended to be a substitute for professional advice, diagnosis, medical treatment, or therapy.