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By contrast, the results suggest that women who are sexually active late in pregnancy are considerably less likely than pregnant women who are not sexually active to deliver before 37 weeks of gestation.

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When I was in my twenties, I had two girlfriends in particular of whom I just thought, “Wow, you’re smarter than me, and way funnier than me, and more interesting than me, and you have better values than I have." And in one case, she totally agreed with me.

The drama of our relationship was, “Am I good enough for her? And I think that those are the relationships you just have to get out of. IG: It was really only when the relationship ended that my work got better and I felt a sense of confidence.

She tells the story of why it took her so long to break up with her boyfriend, even after she figured out that he had stolen from her.

We heard about Rachel's story via the podcast Risk! (9 minutes) A short story by Lydia Davis about trying to calculate the cost of a love affair. “Break It Down” by Lydia Davis from BREAK IT DOWN, published by Farrar, Straus, and Giroux, © 1986 by Lydia Davis.

Kurt Braunohler and his girlfriend had been together for thirteen years, and they were only 30.

This week for Valentine's Day we have stories of people going to extremes as they fall in love, chase love down, and try to make sense of it—including a teenager who falls for an undercover cop, and epic tales of snooping.

It was going to concentrate on everyday life, with fiction or poems sandwiched between strangely ordinary people telling strange stories.The largest finding of his investigations was that smaller class sizes would contribute to more success in impoverished, inner-city schools.Covino continued to produce The Wild Room until February 1996.Today, Glass, 46, is still busy and full of startlingly fresh ideas, like making a new Showtime television series based on .He is still boyishly thin and still wearing black horn-rimmed glasses, but now his once all-black hair displays highlights of gray. It won’t change the show at all, except for those who know that now we’ll actually be in New York. MFC: When we got together ten years ago, you were working on the pilots for . IG: One of the founding ideas of the show was, Nobody who’s famous, nothing you’ve ever heard of, nothing in the news. In the beginning, we matched up these everyday-life stories with lots of arts programming.The conclusion of it is basically, I still don’t believe in marriage, but I believe in her, and I’ve given up on the idea of being right.