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As soon as the camera on the device is turned on, the whole event is being transmitted live back to the banks server to either watch live in real time or recorded so that it can be reviewed later.

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I have also wiped out all update files and forced it to download them again, but still the same issue. I was about to shut down so it picked up the rest of update this morning - was on 99% when I shut down and a speed of 1.3kbps! Will see if new build fixes it and get back to you.... Let's take a look at your basic system information.Also, clear the contents of your Temp folder, instructions: Cleared temp folder which cleared all but two items, one apparently in use.Didn't want to delete what I didn't know what they were, so left those as is. Ended up downloading the Kaspersky Update Tool (alternate update method) and used that, though still slow.Took over four hours to update the databases using this tool.Plus another 2-3 hours when I saw Kaspersky was still not happy (red image) and I initiated another update. Although I had a brief problem opening Windows today.It takes about 5 seconds until Outlook maximises on the screen.Then i wanted to reply to an email: Sometimes i could write normal, then suddenly everything seems to hang. Or i clicked on HLSW Gameserverbrowser (also already opend in task), i choosed another gameserver to watch, and the screen seemed to freeze again, like it did in Outlook before.

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That is the beauty of Automatic Updates: Kaspersky Lab deals with it and I conserve neural bandwidth in this area. That is the beauty of Automatic Updates: Kaspersky Lab deals with it and I conserve neural bandwidth in this area. Still probs with updating this morning - gets stuck on 'creating list of files to download' took 2 hrs yesterday and I had to stop it which took 5 attempts!Now, I keep getting popups that the database is outdated and needs to be updated.I've let it update auto & manually but the process takes a really long time.Please create GSI log, upload it to the parser site and post link to GSI Report which may identify issue area, instructions see: Then, try with the other two potentially incompatible applications uninstalled, too.Next, navigate to C:\D&S\Lynette\Start Menu\Programs\Startup and remove items that don't need to be in Startup.Next, Start uncheck items that you don't need to startup.