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As with all these sites, it seems to be one-way traffic (women getting bombarded with and men left hanging) unless you're George Clooney or Zac Efron with his shirt off. I tried this site for about a month, & was finally convinced it is a big fat scam.

Living the single life surviving dating

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Beauty & Self Books & Music Career Computers Education Family Food & Wine Health & Fitness Hobbies & Crafts Home & Garden Money News & Politics Relationships Religion & Spirituality Sports Travel & Culture TV & Movies Theres something about the warming weather, flowers in bloom, and sunny days that make me want to start anew.

Here are 6 tips to help you make your life clear and fresh with less home-clutter and even less mind-clutter. The pursuit of happiness is not only for those in relationships, it is also for those who are single.

Over half of all unmarried people live with family, friends or roommates – they may live solo, but they are not without relationships! For some, living alone is ideal — no one to steal the covers, put things away in the wrong place, or say you shouldn’t eat lasagna for breakfast.

People who live alone make up over one third of all unmarried people, and over a quarter of all U. (Only 13% of unmarried adults tell the Census they are cohabiting with their unmarried partner.) Images of solo people in books, movies, and television tend to portray one of two stereotypes: either lonely and leading a miserable existence, or hip and stylish leading the perfect urban life.

Then, and only then, can they mindfully decide if they want a partner, the qualities they want in that partner and how to find that special person. Information and affirmations provide to the reader with the tools to create a happy satisfying life through their dating or non-dating times.

These tools help the reader decide if they want a life partner, and how to deal with the emotions that this all evokes, including going on dates and handling rejection.

Instead of planning a future filled with success and new adventures, time is spent on analyzing the state of being alone.

What goes on inside of you will impact how you behave outwardly. Some people feel that being single and living alone can feel like a negative rather than a positive choice.

The book "Surviving Being Single Past 40: Living Life Fully, With or Without a Partner" does just that.

It provides the reader with all the information necessary to feel confident in their life no matter what their marital status.

It tells the reader how to do whatever they want to do whether they are married or not.

Whether it’s an event we weren’t invited to, a relationship gone south, or walking out of church feeling ignored, the feelings of rejection and insignificance hurt.

The word “single” can be confusing: it can include anyone who isn’t married, but most unmarried people who are in long-term relationships don’t think of themselves as single.