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I did get the chance to interview Victor one-on-one in a later call, which I shall be putting up shortly! NBC UNIVERSAL Moderator: Aileen Normile March 14, 2013 pm CT Operator: Ladies and gentlemen thank you for standing by and welcome to the Syfy Continuum Conference Call. Do you have any particular favorite moments from this past season that you would like to talk about? Fraser reunite with his wife, and I think the ending of episode two is one of my favorite chunks of the first season. But at the end of that scene he dropped the detonator so he wasn't at least at that point in with Liber8. Based off of what we know about corporations and our desires about not wanting that dystopian future, will they become the heroes at some point? Rachel Nichols: I'm going to let Simon take that one. I mean, I think that because we're keeping perspective alive in this show that really I'm not editorializing necessarily what anyone should think about these guys and their direction and their purpose, although we are certainly telling the story predominately through the eyes of Kiera and Kiera's experience which is what grounds the show and I think makes the show relatable, we're always trying to tackle arguments from different points of view and we're trying to be intelligent about our neutrality instead of just being lazy about it.