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AND I have many, many negotiations to reply to but I’ll get there. Yes, I was handed 4, bills by a total stranger! No, I was not standing on a street corner, I was in my garage and my husband was a witness. The sun is shining bright and the temperatures are warm. I quickly got up, and there was no one in the room. I have read that some people say there are "groups"... Upon a closer look I freaked as I usually do over the realization that it was a mouse. Well I'm going to bed shortly, I'm getting tired now. It's her dad's birthday so they are out celebrating. Two weeks ago a terrorist killed children, parents and pop fans leaving a concert by Ariana Grande at Manchester’s Manchester Evening News Arena. Cream of wheat,milk,orange juice,coffee,toast and scrambled eggs., I left half a slice of toast'and he slab of bash browns because I could not eat another...