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Marriable taking the desperate out of dating

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Hayley is the bestselling author of a number of books including Sexy Girls, Technical Virgin, Mean Girls, Dateable and Technical Virgin and has spoken at conferences including Women of Faith.

Michael spearheads Hungry Planet consulting projects, publishing initiatives and the book design process.

Unlike many other books, this one explores new aspects of dating.

For example, it discusses the etiquette of online dating, and even how to find a mate by dating online.

As Jim got to know her through the outdoor activities they enjoyed doing together, he noticed her self-assurance.

With this in mind, I informally interviewed a dozen married couples to find out what drew them to their spouses and what made them stick around. (Note: Some names have been changed to protect couples' privacy.) 1. When Nathan met Kelsey, he noticed her beautiful smile and the fact that she was satisfied with her life. "Kelsey had two plans for life: one that included a spouse and one that did not.

That told me that she was content with whatever God brought her way." Jessica caught Jim's attention the moment she walked into the room.

Additionally, some terms may be edgy for certain readers, such as Mr. I feel the authors succeed in accomplishing their goal of realigning ones thinking about dating and marriage, showing their readers how to rid themselves of the desperate and, instead, to become marriable. The type of book you're thinking about offers a fifteen-step program, a scientific formula, or tries to spiritualize the process. In Marriable, newlyweds Hayley and Michael Di Marco offer practical wisdom for surviving singleness in the trenches.

-- Stephanie Gates, Christian Book Book Jacket: Oh great, another book about being single and finding "the one," right? Writing from their experiences of doing it all wrong so you can do it right, Hayley and Michael set fire to the so-called "rules for dating success" and give you real dating advice that won't send a potential date running in the opposite direction.