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To many, Altadena has a reputation as a high crime area.

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Draymond Green says he never meant to imply Knicks owner James Dolan was a racist with his "slave master mentality" comments ... Green caused a racial firestorm earlier this week when he used the term "slave master mentality" to describe Dolan's attitude and treatment of Knicks great Charles Oakley. with people saying Draymond had no right to inject race into what seemed to be a case of just two guys not liking each other. addressing the controversy on an ESPN radio show and saying his comments weren't taken in the right way.

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Get the man you want, get him to marry you, make sure he doesn’t leave or cheat on you. What happens in the daily manifestations of that relationship merely depends on how good you are at slave owning.Books aimed at teaching those three principles are a self-help market unto themselves which generates significant income for the authors.Quite often these enslavement techniques go awry and they result in a different sort of book.I said when you look at something and someone is doing something for someone and all of a sudden they can't anymore, that falls under the slave mentality." Green went on to add he never said Dolan wasn't a racist, and doesn't know if Dolan is a racist, because he doesn't know Dolan. Women’s magazines are filled with articles telling them how to get and keep a man and women read these articles enthusiastically because they want to learn all the tricks.Feminists wish to tell us that men are toxic, abusive, and dangerous to women.