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Although evangelicals constitute the core constituency of the Christian right, not all evangelicals fit the description.

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EMILY BLUNT: Tell me about growing up in Oxfordshire. I was implies that there were two people involved, and I don’t think I ever managed to successfully hit back. You know, the guy who’s on the adventure with the hat and the whip and the leather jacket . I think it has more to do with seeing life in a limitless way, with being alive. I mean, I have a base, but it’s not a geographical one. For me, a base isn’t about bricks and mortar or an address on a postcard. When you walked into the room to read for the part of Prince Albert with me for , I was literally like, “Thank God,” because you have a very natural, quiet dignity about you as an actor. And she’s made one or two mistakes along the way, but she’s ultimately had the strength to continue being that empress, you know, for a fuck of a long time. And that, to me, is about as close to the definition of a man as I’ve ever gotten. You’re kind of responsible for everyone and everything.

I remember taking a little tour around there and you showed me the corner store where there used to be a girl who you pined for. I mean, the village was a little bit like Dylan Thomas and all mixed together. EB: So were you not allowed to go to the cinema much as a kid? And I think it takes quite a strong man to say, “My woman will always achieve more than I ever will, she will always have more power than I’ll ever have, and she will probably be more popular than I’ll ever be. EB: I know that, in addition to acting, you wrote and produced a short film, but would you ever want to direct? There are two qualities that I’ve noticed in good directors: One is that they have their vision very strongly in place; and two is that they listen to everyone’s opinion and still remember their vision.

He is also, you may have gathered, Keira Knightley’s boyfriend, and as such a prime target for gossip columns, websites and paparazzi.

Needless to say Friend – who refuses to answer questions about his relationship in interviews – doesn’t spend much time Googling himself.

After attending drama school at Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art in London, Friend’s professional acting career got off to a fast start with roles opposite Johnny Depp in Laurence Dunmore’s (2005). RF: I think that may be a mixed metaphor, what you just said. RF: You said he was like a wild animal, and then I think you wanted to say something like, “among the tame cats,” but I think you miffed it. I did a lot of reading into Kerouac and his contemporaries. It’s like you’re suddenly given the key to the doors of these fantastical worlds. All I would say is that when I’ve been very down, or having kind of a tough time in my life, certain films or pieces of music or books have changed that. The one thing I couldn’t imagine is stopping still.

My mum and I came to blows a few times but we are very close now." Considered by some as a safe pair of hands and amid whispers he could be a possible successor to Gordon Brown, is it possible that Alan Johnson is neglecting his responsibilities as secretary of state for health?He is tall and wiry, his face taut over perfect bone structure. The script was written by Kevin Lewis, based on his autobiography, a bestseller that is part misery memoir, part triumph over tragedy."I think that banning an advert because it is shocking is quite the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard of," he told me at the premiere of his new film, Cheri, which also stars Michelle Pfeiffer, at the Ciné Lumière at the Institut Français in London. The point is to shock people." Great self-publicist that he is, Dr John Sentamu, the Archbishop of York, has scored a remarkable goal.He certainly looks better than he did earlier this year (‘Rupert Friend looks shockingly thin as he treats Keira Knightley to a late night dinner’) but he’s had plenty of time to recover (‘Keira Knightley and Rupert Friend: London lovers’, ‘Keira Knightley and Rupert Friend: J Sheekey sweeties’) since then. He was in his second year of drama school when a casting director spotted him in a production of The Laramie Project.Friend was playing three parts: a 60-year-old Wyoming mechanic, a Baptist minister and the father of a murdered gay man.The casting director plucked Friend off the stage for his first film role, appearing opposite Johnny Depp in The Libertine.