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Does anyone know any good dating sites (for Dutch people to be specific). There are alot of dating websites that are interested more in making money than in helping you find a partner. I haven't got a lot of time recently and I thought that starting a relationship using the internet would be easier and less demanding.I want to register myself to one but I often click on ads for dating and I end up paying or not being able to register. For example, they include fake profiles to make them seem popular. I am going through a rough patch in my life so to go 'hunting', join clubs would demand too much.Not my cup of tea personally because I prefer the first glance, scent, face to face thing, but many people I know have recommended this site. I completely wish you the best of know how you get on with your "fishing" *edit* Just seen your edit, the link I shared above was to a Netherlands search and there are plenty of fit Dutch women in the results.Maybe they lied on the sign-up, just put UK as your country, or use a proxy maybe if they control it by the IP address?Although I don't think there's a problem with the concept of finding a partner online, there are far less genuine websites out there, that also work, than you think. You could try to find a partner in real life by doing activities and then meeting people who also do these activities. you have an interest in chess or self-defence, and you sign up to classes/a club, and you meet a potential partner there. Don't use it myself, but many female friends I know use this: free and seems to be a genuine non profit kind of dating site. I hope this works EDIT: Sadly the website does not want registrations from my country Dude, if all you get is just a bit of a confidence boost in a "safe" digital environment, then it will have worked.One friend recently became engaged to someone after meeting them on it. Enjoy a bit of online flirting and chat without the expense of paying for a meal or whatever, getting to know someone a bit before you meet up, if you do.But unlike Facebook, it is rife with thoughtful blog posts and profile pics of members carrying out humanitarian work - not posed, lecherous or drunk."I just think they're a much nicer group of people on my site," said Robert Simpson, a 37-year-old emergency program co-ordinator from Australia.

i Heart Volunteers is an exclusive dating service to help these people connect.Like most dating sites, i Heart Volunteers aims to help people find love, but this site is for a particular type of seeker - volunteers.The organization (discreetly) vets volunteering experience, to connect people who hold values such as compassion, helping others and community close to their hearts.Our dating site is for volunteers, we discretely verify our members volunteer service, we encourage our members to continue volunteering, we help promote nonprofit organizations and we give back 10% of our profits to our members' volunteer organizations.What makes us most unique is that we are one of the only niche dating sites that verifies the niche.So, why do the Zenners want you to delete your account?