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How are families supposed to know how to help siblings through grief if even the research on the subject is lacking?

3) Common emotions siblings may feel when a brother or sister dies include: 4) Siblings may feel “trumped” by the grief of other family members.

I was reminded of this sentiment when I read the news that Beau Biden’s widow is now dating his brother Hunter Biden.

As you may remember, Beau passed away from brain cancer in May 2015.

Another friend shared a touchy situation with his 53-year-old sister who remains emotionally tethered to her parents and is regularly financially rescued by them.

A fourth friend shared about a sibling who, at 60, is in complete denial about life, doesn't work, can't make a basic decision, and spends most of his time "playing" with his teenage grandson and going to NASCAR races.

The more I thought about it, the more I realized that such a state of carelessness might not exist “til we all get to heaven.” That, to me seems to be one of the most comforting things about dying.

As the evening progressed, one friend tol about his struggle with a sister, who at the age of 45 is chronically ill and likely a hypochondriac.

But I’ll always remember this particular time because an older woman was walking along the same street as me that day and expressed her distaste for it.“I hate that stupid song! Still, she said in such a way that I could tell that she was looking for my cosign. If nothing else, I could appreciate a song that spoke to my ideal mental state, no matter how unrealistic.

With work, family, health, this crazy political culture, and all the social injustice, any conscious person will always be worried about something.

That prompted another friend to share how his brother was in a very unhealthy codependent relationship with his 90-year-old mother.

He expressed that he didn't know how his brother would survive after his mother died.