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You meet Ivy League-educated self-made millionaires, doctors and lawyers and visionary entrepreneurs through minor hockey, but the second they walk into a rink they lose every bit of common sense they have. One father, and he is not the only parent to have done this, because there is a lot of wealth around minor hockey, but this gentleman bought into a team in the Greater Toronto Hockey League and his son, as a result, had to play on it.

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We know the feeling: you feel uninformed about a story in the news, or a pop culture phenomena, or just have questions about the world that have never been answered. Podcasts are great because you can listen to them while you’re at the gym, driving, on the train, mowing the lawn, hand-washing your laundry, or any other task that can be enhanced with audio knowledge.

We put together a list of our favorite podcasts that have made us smarter, separated them out into groups based on content.

The Economist: Culture The Economist magazine produce a handful of intelligent podcast strands, a couple of which (The Week Ahead – – and Editor's Picks – have been previously covered in this column.

Each episode of their Culture podcast focuses on a different story, with one of the magazine's editors talking to an expert on the subject.

The chapters were longer than songs, the arcs of stories more distracting than choruses. So, if this impending holiday season gifts you chunks of empty time and you’re all caught up on .

WHO: Catherine Keener and Oscar Isaac are therapist and veteran at the mysterious Homecoming Initiative; David Schwimmer (perfecting the jerky side of Ross Gellar) is its demanding director.

But for people living in or regularly travelling to London, it's a useful and regularly surprising resource.

MORE correspondent Jessica Williams invite their favorite comedians, like Hannibal Buress and Ilana Glazer, to do standup and tell stories.

We also put together a 2×2, mapping each podcast across two axes: lighthearted vs.

serious and looking smarter in front of friends vs. Clockwise Four tech topics, five minutes each, with no episode going longer than 30 minutes.

As the trucker cruises across America, she encounters towns lost in time and a serial murder straight out of a horror film.

Perfect for: People who enjoy Stephen King novels Episode to get hooked on: "Part 1, Chapter 1: Omelet"Genre: Comedy, Interview What it's all about: Anna Faris loves talking to strangers.