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This special evening will begin with many invitations to connect with each other in light and playful ways -- always with the opportunity to go as deep as you choose.Single or coupled, you'll experience Tantric Intimacy as a way to say 'hello', get to know one another, mingle and connect in the beautiful way women do!Here's what Puja participants are saying: "The class was great; I really enjoyed it.Very different from my normal way of life, you did create on a small scale what I was hoping for....creating the possibility to feel a deeper intimacy." "It's so amazing to walk into a room of "strangers" and walk out feeling in love with everyone!At the end of the evening pick the people you might be interested in getting to know. Well Tantra Speed Dating will really rock your world!

As Ottery writes: Most of the sessions involve long periods of eye contact. Welkom bij deze kleurrijke, verrassende -anders-dan-anders-single-ontmoetingsdagen! Wanneer wij over het internet struinen dan is het dating aanbod gigantisch. Toch vragen wij ons af of je daar vindt wat je werkelijk zoekt.Liefde’s chemie vraagt naar ons idee om een andere aanpak.An evening combining speed dating concepts, tantra techniques and rituals, Food and drink choices to balance brain chemistry, with a zing of education and wellness.This new and exciting adventure was created by Goddess Nakalia from Blue Lotus Tantra, in Auckland, NZ.With Tantra Speed Date you will get a deeper feeling of the real person.