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The museum exhibits approximately 200 artifacts dating from A.

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Each is about a mile long including branches and spurs, and the two can be linked by half a dozen blocks along quiet suburban streets.

These trails have easy access into adjacent neighborhoods and are frequented by joggers, dog walkers, bird watchers, hikers and the occasional mountain biker or bike commuter.

This zone, in which at that moment heavy fighting took place involving military jets bombings and shelling with GRAD missiles, was located south from the twin city Torez/Snizhne, about 30 km. It is claimed the Buk launch system came in from Russia in the morning of the 17th, was routed towards a launch site south from Snizhne and then disappeared over the border again the night after the passenger plane was downed.

Immediately after the disaster an “information war” broke out in which messages, photos and videos about the Buk movement were published on the internet to be picked up by “citizen-researchers” like the research collective Bellingcat and blogger Ukraine-at-war to interpret and disseminate.

For most of us it was not hard to see that dots from Torez to a location south from Snizhne were layed out very swiftly after the crash – and some even before – to be connected easily to construct a trail of a Buk, hauled by a unique truck on a red low-loader, moving from somewhere in the west of Donetsk “oblast” to Snizhne.

The site was the southwestern-most ceremonial center for the great Mound Builder culture.

Today, three earthen mounds still rise from the lush Pineywoods landscape at Caddo Mounds State Historic Site, a Texas Historical Commission property. Visitors can walk the 0.7 mile self-guided interpretive trail to see the Caddo’s burial, low temple, and ceremonial mounds.