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This will allow the upgrade to continue in the background without a connection.

Unlike vb Drupal (a fork of Drupal), Drupal v B turns Drupal's user-base into the primary user-base (while still allowing existing and new v Bulletin users to logon with their user credentials in Drupal) and does not require patches to Drupal core. But so far, the only thing that prevented me from doing it was the lack of interested contributors who - - not only shoot a single patch at it to solve their own use-case but think and work for the general purpose instead, who actually understand how to maintain a project (queue), and who abide by the common development rules that exist in the Drupal community.

It is very important that both are edited and the values of any overlapping variables like cookie prefix are identical in both files. The Presentation layer does not have permission to use code in the Core layer directly and accesses it via the API.

" if you feel that your SSH connection will fail in the middle of the upgrade. This allows more data security and in the future can include the functionality where the Core layer is located on a completely different server for more security.

If you are on a Mac like myself you’ll need to turn on displaying all files by opening terminal and pasting: defaults write

Finder Apple Show All Files YES then restart Finder for this to take effect.

Template revisions are available for an additional charge and not included in the upgrade.

Leave the technical stuff to the pro's and rest easy.

Each upgrade package includes: v Bulletin classic forum upgrade from 3x to 4x version ALL 3x PLUGINS AND STYLES ARE NOT COMPATIBLE WITH VERSION 4.0.

Need your v Bulletin forum professionally upgraded to the latest version?

Upgrade today and get all those cool features you've been missing out on.