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Wang zi gui gui dating

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it is known gui gui and aaron gets on really well and sometimes goes out together but nothing is said on who likes who.

gui gui is known to get close to her co-stars, she was even rumoured with xiao gui who also acted in Pi Li MIT, because he drove her home and bought her breakfast.

I don't blame her for having "no feelings(according to Xiao Xun)". Everytime people tell Guigui to say "oh wo da wangzi" Xiao Xun has to go and say she said it wrong and then she herself go saying "oh wo da wangzi" in her most girly voice. And also some were Guigui fans who wanted Guigui all for themselves and said that Guigui used to never talk in “cutesy voice” and now she does to Wang Zi and it wasn't the old Guigui they knew. Seriously if u couldn't tell that they obviously like each other, then u are blind. She was sooooo loud and happy at the beginning of the show (like how she usually is) ,but became so quiet and unhappy during these parts starting from when they were named the horrible title.

Sorry if I offend any of her fans her, it just seems that she like picking on Guigui a lot especially when it comes to things relating Guigui and Wangzi... Im guessing by now everyone saw the Mo Fan Hei Se Hui New Year Special (Feb 6)??????? There were just so many parts when Guigui looked SOOOO sad, it broke my heart!!!

well, nobody knows for sure but we do know that gui gui likes aaron.

edited by tieu_yeu_nu where do you base the gui gui likes aaron yan theory on?

Of course, only the stars themselves know this answer, but looking at their interactions as well as communication on screen as well as in Pi Li MIT, a budding romance can definitely be seen between these two stars.

edited once again by bubbleslol6of course, no one rlly knows because, even tho they're close, it mite not be true they like each other.

So far she’s always dated older, so this comes as a surprise for me to hear of her possible new romance with baby cakes Prince from the boy group .And the minute he said that the camera show Guigui's expression on her face- she looked sooooo sad!!!(I know how everyone here is saying that guigui like Wangzi, but wangzi dun like guigui.Next came the clincher where Rainie and Prince were snapped by an eagle-eyed fan at Honolulu airport last week arriving on a flight from Asia.They were trying to go incognito by wearing sunglasses and all black at the luggage carousel waiting for their bags.After Wallace Huo and Hu Ge’s 5-year promise sprouted a new romance in the former’s life, I’m not surprised Promises of Wedding Bells is playing out in more ways than one.