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Asked about his lack of attendance at the Aniston-Theroux nuptials, Perry replied bluntly, “I wasn’t invited. ,” while Le Blanc said, “If she wanted me there, I would have been there.” To their credit, both Chandler and Joey made it clear there was no bad blood involved, congratulating the new couple.
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Bhatti has been living with the Jackson family and telling poor little Blanket, along with his siblings Prince and Paris, that he's their father, according to reports.

Two weeks ago, rumors began circulating that a Norwegian dancer, Omer Bhatti, is the secret son of Michael Jackson, a love child resulting from the King of Pop's one-night stand with his mother, Pia Bhatti, a quarter-century ago.

Rumors say Jackson fathered him during a one-night stand with his mom, Pia.As for how he’s being protected after Jackson’s death, all the family friends who spoke of Bhatti agree that part of the reason Katherine Jackson got such a large percentage of the estate was because she’d be providing for Bhatti as well. That’s all anyone knows about her,” said a source who didn’t know Bhatti personally, but is close to Taylor. Michael Jackson's former protege and alleged secret son, is treating Blanket, the late pop icon's youngest son, as if he were his own.It was just that out of the blue,” said one Jackson family friend.“This was news to Rebbie, and she turned around and called (Jackson’s mother) Katherine, who had no knowledge of it either.” From that point forward, Bhatti was “running around Neverland all the time,” and lived there until “around 2000, or 2001,” according to a family friend close to Rebbie Jackson.Some say that Bhatti, 25, is Jackson's son, the product of a one-night stand in Norway a quarter-century ago.